Heart Cut Out Burner

Heart Cut Out Burner


This simple oil burner or wax melt warmer is perfect for year-round use. Elegant and understated with a heart-shaped bowl and cutouts.


Place 1 or 2 wax melts into the dish with a standard tealight inside to fill the home with calming fragrance.


  • Wax Burner Instructions

    Wax Burner Instructions

    Place 1 or 2 melts in the well of your burner and place a lit, unscented tealight in the dish. As the wax melts, sit back and enjoy the fragrance that fills your home.

    Always use an appropriate sized tealight for your burner - 4 hour is advisable for these burners.

    Keep away from pets and children. Never leave an in-use burner unattended. Keep away from draughts.